Street Sponsorship

Street Sponsorship

  • Once each quarter Grapevine puts sponsored magazines into letterboxes right throughout the country.

Street sponsorship is one of the nicest things you can do for New Zealand families – and we arrange delivery!

Once each quarter (Mar-June-Sep-Dec), Grapevine employs commercial contractors to put sponsored magazines into letterboxes right throughout the country. Plus, if you’re a street sponsor, we send you your own personal copy of each edition, hot off the press! Note:  special conditions apply in rural areas – ph: 0800-GRAPEVINE (0800-47-27-38).


What does it cost to become a Street Sponsor?

You can become a Street Sponsor for as little as $6 a month! The more $$$ you commit, the more Grapevines we’ ll deliver – and the bigger bang for your buck! The choice is YOURS.

  • $6* per month provides 10 mags each 
  • $12 per month provides 20 mags each 
  • $18 per month provides 30 mags each
  • $24 per month provides 48 mags each               
  • $60 per month provides 120 mags each
  • $120 per month provides 240 mags each

NOTE: To see a full rate chart, please click here

Where can they be delivered?

Your STREET SPONSOR MAGS can be delivered as follows:

  • National delivery: Sponsorship funds are pooled and magazines used to promote Grapevine in various ways. ($6 a month minimum)
  • Local delivery: Magazines are delivered around a specific target address. This can be your address or another address. We need a minimum of 30 magazines to organise a target delivery, so the minimum sponsorship is higher. ($18 a month minimum)

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