School Sponsorship

School Sponsorship


Grapevine was born to 'give families a lift' ... To create a free resource for tired, struggling families ... families that don't usually buy parenting books or attend parenting conferences.

We recently offered complimentary bundles of Grapevines to schools & preschools – to be passed out to needy families or sent home with kids for Mum and Dad to read. And guess what? We can’t keep up with the demand!

1750 schools & preschools have already taken up our offer – from Kerikeri and Kaitaia in the north ... to Ashburton and Alexandra in the south. And 65,000 copies of this latest Grapevine have just been sent out – all paid for by Grapevine sponsors.

We’re only just scratching the surface. Every time a new Grapevine comes out, more schools & preschools are saying “YES PLEASE!” But we keep running out of magazines. And we can’t afford to print more until we find more sponsors.

For just $25-a-month you could sponsor a school or preschool near you - and help us give needy, at-risk families some encouragement and hope.

The cost to print, pack and post a bundle of 50 Grapevines is $1.50 per copy – that’s $75 per bundle, delivered each quarter – or $25-a-month.

$25-a-month: that’s like a weekly cappuccino at your favourite café ... or a few litres of petrol at BP ... or a movie-ticket-plus-popcorn.

$25-a-month is not a lot ... but, when it comes to Grapevine, a little extra goes a long way.

$25-a-month is all it costs to become a Grapevine Sponsor! We’ll select the school or preschool and deliver the mags – plus we’ll post you a personal copy of each new edition.


What does it cost to become a Street Sponsor?

You can become a Street Sponsor for as little as $6 a month! The more $$$ you commit, the more Grapevines we’ ll deliver – and the bigger bang for your buck! The choice is YOURS.

  • $6* per month provides 10 mags each 
  • $12 per month provides 20 mags each 
  • $18 per month provides 30 mags each
  • $24 per month provides 48 mags each               
  • $60 per month provides 120 mags each
  • $120 per month provides 240 mags each

NOTE: To see a full rate chart, please click here

Where can they be delivered?

Your STREET SPONSOR MAGS can be delivered as follows:

  • National delivery: Sponsorship funds are pooled and magazines used to promote Grapevine in various ways. ($6 a month minimum)
  • Local delivery: Magazines are delivered around a specific target address. This can be your address or another address. We need a minimum of 30 magazines to organise a target delivery, so the minimum sponsorship is higher. ($18 a month minimum)

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