Bulk Magazines

Bulk Magazines

    • The possibilities are endless — you tell us where and we’ll deliver.

Sponsor a bundle of magazines

There are a heap of ways you can use Bulk Mags. You may prefer to sponsor a bundle of Grapevines (2, 10, 20, 30 copies or more — see rates chart below) … to be couriered or posted each quarter to your address — or some other address: e.g. your local school, preschool, club, church, business, library, etc! The possibilities are endless — you tell us where and we’ll deliver.

Check out the following list for some great ideas!

  • budgeting services
  • businesses
  • camps & retreats
  • churches
  • community groups
  • convention centres 
  • counselling services
  • employment programmes
  • food banks
  • hospitals
  • hotels & motels
  • language programmes
  • libraries
  • music & movement groups
  • opportunity shops
  • parenting resource libraries
  • parenting workshops
  • preschools
  • prisons
  • rest homes
  • schools
  • service lounges
  • shops
  • takeaways
  • tertiary education providers
  • toy libraries
  • waiting rooms
  • youth groups
  • work places

(Note: NOT intended for general letterbox deliveries, as this may cause double-ups with our commercial delivery network.)

Bulk Magazine Rate Chart

Copies per quarter $ per quarter
 2-9  $5ea
 10-19  $2.40ea
 20-39  $1.80ea
 40+  $1.50ea

*If you’ve got any questions about this, please phone 0800 GRAPEVINE to talk to our Support Services Staff.

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